Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009 (All pics by Alec!)

Today we split up, as Shawny returned to the conference to continue the dialogue about educational partnerships with East Africa while Alec and Shane explored the area, scoping out ideas for Jan Term 2011.  We are all totally convinced that we MUST bring a group here from Saint Mary's.  They checked out the YMCA, which functions as a lively community center just off the center of town.  They also got a feel for the mad commerce in the streets of Moshi, as they were solicited by hundreds of locals to buy their art, their tours, and their food.  Though they felt a bit besieged, they never felt threatened or uncomfortable and found everyone to be really friendly and helpful to them as they made their way through town. 

We learned some more Swahili today, including the fact that two familiar "Lion King" terms are actually used constantly here: "Hakuna Matata" (no problem!) and "rafiki" (friend).  They also got the scoop on some adventures that we might take on Friday and Saturday, including a short safari in Arusha National Park!  More on this later . . .










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