Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

We did some final exploring of Moshi today, checking out a series of possible places to stay and learning a bit more about some of the schools and agencies with whom we might work in January 2011.  There is such a great need here that it will be difficult to decide what projects to pursue. 

We also made final arrangements for our safari on Saturday, which will take us through Arusha National Park not too far away from Moshi.  When we return in January, we hope to take a 3-4 day safari which can include a number of different parks (which may or may not include Arusha). 

We got a good feel for the city by walking its streets.  As seen below, we were joined by a herd of goats that just walked independently through town right with the traffic.  And we were excited to locate a few unusual souvenirs, including custom-made shirts for both Shane and Alec by a streetside seamstress in Moshi Town. 

We also talked again to our friends at Southwestern Elementary School in Hanover, Indiana, US.  We were all pretty amazed to be able to speak to each other from halfway around the world. 

As evening approached we watched a big thick rainbow form just off the slopes of Kilimanjaro, then walked back into town to grab dinner and withdraw the cash that we needed to complete our trip. Our day closed with an evening at an outdoor patio that featured live music and dancing in a magical alleyway just off the main drag of Moshi. 

Wow.  Just wow.


A herd of goats (above and below) joined the afternoon traffic uninvited, but no one seemed to mind.



Shane and Alec (in their new custom shirts) talked by Skype to third graders in Indiana to tell them about our trip.  Our video feed was a bit clunky, but we managed to communicate anyway. 


Our safari vehicle (a modified Land Rover) and driver (Pascal) visited today so that we could get a feel for the experience of tomorrow's safari. 


Some beautiful cloud formations surrounded Kili today.


And then a very bright rainbow appeared.  We took pics with two different cameras to try to get it.



Shane puts himself into the scenery surrounding Africa's tallest mountain, Kilimanjaro.


Shane and Alec show off their custom made shirts.


The clouds parted one last time to give us a final glance at Kili's snowy summit.

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